Play Food

Handmade, Montessori inspired play food toys made from 100% Oeko-Tex certified cotton. All designs have been safety tested and have the CE mark. Each toy is made to order and can be fully customised in terms of colours, size and details.

Fruit & Vegetable Play Food (Set of 5) 20190520_231009.jpg

Fruit & Vegetable Play Food (Set of 5)

from 29.00
All The Veggies Set (9 pieces) 20190601_185308.jpg

All The Veggies Set (9 pieces)

from 40.00
Doughnut Play Food 20190720_202352.jpg

Doughnut Play Food

from 4.50
Radish Play Food 20190619_194324.jpg

Radish Play Food

from 3.00
Mini Vegetables Set (3 pieces) 20190601_184913.jpg

Mini Vegetables Set (3 pieces)

from 12.50
All The Fruits Set (11 pieces) 20190520_230556.jpg

All The Fruits Set (11 pieces)

from 45.00
The Ultimate Fruit & Vegetable Play Food Set (21 items) 20190601_185732.jpg

The Ultimate Fruit & Vegetable Play Food Set (21 items)

Exotic Fruits Set (7 pieces) 20190520_231009.jpg

Exotic Fruits Set (7 pieces)

from 33.00
Apple Play Food (single)

Apple Play Food (single)

from 4.50
Avocado Play Food (single) 20190521_125331.jpg

Avocado Play Food (single)

from 6.00
Banana Play Food (single) 20190520_230915.jpg

Banana Play Food (single)

from 6.50
Bell Pepper Play Food (single) 20190521_125010.jpg

Bell Pepper Play Food (single)

from 5.50
Broccoli Play Food (single) 20190521_125806.jpg

Broccoli Play Food (single)

from 6.00
Chili Pepper Play Food (single) 20190521_125539.jpg

Chili Pepper Play Food (single)

from 4.50
Carrot Play Food (single) 20190521_125642.jpg

Carrot Play Food (single)

from 4.50
Corn On The Cob Play Food (single) 20190521_130005.jpg

Corn On The Cob Play Food (single)

from 8.50
Bunch of Grapes Play Food (single) 20190601_142842.jpg

Bunch of Grapes Play Food (single)

Kiwi Play Food (single) 20190601_142046.jpg

Kiwi Play Food (single)

from 4.50
Leek Play Food (single) 20190520_230807-01.jpg

Leek Play Food (single)

from 7.00
Mini Pumpkin Play Food (single) 20190521_125045.jpg

Mini Pumpkin Play Food (single)

from 8.50
Strawberry Play Food (single) 20190521_130108.jpg

Strawberry Play Food (single)

from 5.00
Tomato Play Food (single) 20190521_130221.jpg

Tomato Play Food (single)

from 4.50
Lemon Play Food (single) 20190521_125424.jpg

Lemon Play Food (single)

from 4.00
Mushroom Play Food (single) 20190601_142542.jpg

Mushroom Play Food (single)

from 5.50
Orange Play Food (single) 20190601_142439.jpg

Orange Play Food (single)

from 5.50
Peach Play Food (single) 20190520_230707.jpg

Peach Play Food (single)

from 5.50
Pear Play Food (single) 20190521_125858.jpg

Pear Play Food (single)

from 5.50
Potato Play Food (single) 20190601_142708.jpg

Potato Play Food (single)

from 6.00
Watermelon Slice Food (single) 20190817_145224.jpg

Watermelon Slice Food (single)

from 8.50
Bunny Ears Teether IMG_20190216_160901-01.jpg

Bunny Ears Teether