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Handmade home and nursery decor, created from natural fibres only. Variety of vibrant colours and completely plastic free. Each product is made to order and can be fully customised in terms of colours and details.

Pom Pom Hoop

Pom Pom Hoop


Pom Pom Hoop is an embroidery hoop lovingly decorated with 6 super fluffy pom poms.

Embroidery hoop itself measures 7 inches in diameter. Bigger pom poms measure 2.6in (65mm) and smaller ones measure 1.8in (45mm). The Pom Pom Hoop measures approximately 9in (23cm) by 9in (23cm) at the widest points.

Pom poms are made from 100% wool and can be created in any custom colours to match your decor. You can select your colour options at the checkout or choose from the bright and pastel rainbows or monochrome with a pop of colour.

Pom Pom Colours:
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