CE Marking

What is CE marking?


All toys, including handmade toys, need to be CE marked and meet the essential safety requirements laid out in the Toy Safety Directive - standard EN 71 – Safety of Toys.

All The Woolly Puffin toys were put through rigorous testing to ensure that they satisfy the above criteria. Two main ways of doing so is:

a) setting fire to the toy to ensure that if it was to set on fire, the child holding the toy had enough time to drop the toy. Because I only use natural fibres such a cotton, The Woolly Puffin only singe when set on fire - unlike acrylic yarn, which melts when burning and can melt into the skin. My toy stuffing is all natural 100% sheep wool - this makes it even more fire safe as wool itself is fire retardant, which means that due to its structure it does not set on fire!

b) physical tests on toy seams to ensure that when pulled, no part of the toy comes apart or rips. This is tested by attaching clamps on either side of the seam and then attaching weights (7.2kg) and leaving i for a period of time.

You can find out more information about CE marking here.